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Presenting: REVA PC.

Date: 06-02-2021

We are proud to announce our latest product, REVA PC. A whole new product-line from REVA, with innovative technologies like never before.
Go to products//REVA PC to learn more.

REVA 2.1 is now live!

Date: 08-01-2020

A updated version of REVA 2.0, named REVA 2.1 is now live! The expected REVA VISION and REVA About is site are now live. Other small updates to the site has been added, and the "REVA -Different Togehter" video has been added to the About site. Enjoy this new update, and share it with your loved ones.

REVAPLAY is now in production.

Date: 17-12-2019

If you haven't already, hurry up and pre-order the REVAPLAY. Our team has just begun production of the REVAPLAY, and it will ship early next year to everyone who has pre-ordered the founders edition.

REVA One Live!

Date: 17-12-2019

Today, the first version of the REVA One has launched. REVA has embarked on a new Era. From now on, everything REVA has made, will be forever perpetuated.