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REVA Summer Event.

Date: 17-06-2020

Here at REVA, we are excited to invite you to the online event, REVA SORGY. We will unveal some new products, that we never have made before. Products that will change peoples lives forever. The event will be taking place in mid July. The exact date will be released later this month.

Regarding REVA SORGY.

Date: 28-04-2020

Do to the spread of covid-19, we see no other option than to cancel the planned event REVA SORGY. We are working on making the future planned event a reality, but promise nothing in the light of covid-19. eventhough this event will not become a reality, we still look forward to our birthday event on 01-05-2020.

Announcing REVA SORGY.

Date: 23-03-2020

Here at REVA, we are proud to announce our next event, REVA SORGY. Coming this spring. Another REVA event, where we present our latest innovative products and services. The event is taking place this April. We will announce the specific date later on this page, so keep and eye on this site.

REVA 2.1 is now live!

Date: 08-01-2020

A updated version of REVA 2.0, named REVA 2.1 is now live! The expected REVA VISION and REVA About is site are now live. Other small updates to the site has been added, and the "REVA -Different Togehter" video has been added to the About site. Enjoy this new update, and share it with your loved ones.

REVAPLAY is now in production.

Date: 17-12-2019

If you haven't already, hurry up and pre-order the REVAPLAY. Our team has just begun production of the REVAPLAY, and it will ship early next year to everyone who has pre-ordered the founders edition.

Regarding REVA ORGY.

Date: 17-12-2019

Following the success of REVA ORGY, we will continue the event in the new decade. We where told that the nameing of the Official REVA Gathering Yearly may be misleading. We were approached by multiple fans who misinterpreted the REVA ORGY. Consequently, we are reconsindering the nameing of the event. But until further notice, we are keeping the name.

REVA One Live!

Date: 17-12-2019

Today, the first version of the REVA One has launched. REVA has embarked on a new Era. From now on, everything REVA has made, will be forever perpetuated.